Stuffed monkfish



1 whole monkfish tail 

100 gr spinach 

40 gr preserved lemon

40gr olive 

20 gr parmigiano

30cl olive oil 

1 garlic clove


Clean the monkfish on the bone.

Remove skin and silver skin.

Season the fish and roll it in clingfilm for 3h.

While the fish is being salted, do the stuffing.

Sweat the spinach in olive oil with garlic.

Add the preserved lemon disced and the olives disced as well. 

Finish with the parmegiano then cool down the stuffing remove the clingfilm from the fish. 

Slice along the bone to open the fish like an « enveloppe » all the flesh is still on the bone of the fish. 

Put the stuffing in between the bones and the flesh. Tied up the fish with a string like a roast .

Put it in the oven at 200°c 12 min, rest the fish minimum 5 min before carving. 

Use the juice from the fish as sauce. 

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